Teaching Philosophy



Teaching is a very important part of my life. I strive to live up to students respects by putting the best effort to provide education that is not only informative but also inspirational. Aside from lessons in the studio or in the classroom, I believe a teacher is to demonstrate a life of a hardworking, evolving and enthusiastically sharing musician.

Smart Practice
Stylistic Versatility

Helping students to practice strategically to fix mistakes/problems;

Smart practice saves students from practicing wrong notes repetitively or/and in wrong postures. I blieve in critical thinking while practicing. Cognitively involved practice strengthens the process of memorization, reading, interpreting and executing. I strongly emphasize on learning a piece away from the piano, and hearing the music in head by observing the score, so they also learn the music by head and heart, not only by hands. 

Encouraging students to develope interest in modern culture;

A growing musician should learn not only standard repertoire but the language of contemporary music with equal emphasis and proficiency in reading and interpreting. 

Efficient and Effective Communication

Using sing modern technolog devices to demonstrate more efficiently and communicate effectively;

I often encourage my students to record their practice progress outside the lesson so I can minotor their practices

Respecting students’ individuality and the diversity of their inherited gifts;

It is truly a special gift of a teacher, to recognize unique gifts of each student and help develope his/her own personality in piano playing. A gift in physical execution with ease is easier to recognize, whereas a gift of intelligence and emotional engagement should also be recognized with encouragement. A practical suggestion to enhance individual gift of students includes making personalized decisions in repertoire, assigning literatures to read, and introducing analytical/ scholarly works by musicologists and theorists. 

I value Introducing the beauty of sharing music in public as a performer.  A student is to have a number of experiences in various settings and drill with unexpected mistakes. On the other hand, a student who is naturally enthusiastic about performing in public needs to be informed of a high level of responsibility a performer carries.