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Walk Out With Me
in collaboration with Patricia Surman

New American Vol. 1: Music for Flute and Piano (2020)

Works by David E. Farrell, Lauren Bernofsky, Amanda Harberg and Daniel Dorff.

"Sorgi and Pak play with utter conviction and seem to be having grand time. This is a very successful collection in that it is well curated in terms of mix of pieces, which are also all of high quality, sufficiently different yet also stylistically connected."


-Robert Carl in Fanfare

...Eco de Violin

                            in collaboration with Colin Sorgi,

Upon Winning Grand Prize in IU Latin American Music Competition


released in 2011

Copy Right- The Trustees of Indiana University- IUMUSIC (786031110023)



Gabriela Lena Frank - Sueños de Chambi

Tania Leon - Abanico
Juan Orrego Salas - Veultas y Revueltas
Paul Desenne - Venezuelan Suite
Miguel Del Aguila - Seducción




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Colin Sorgi!recordings/c1dxt


Miguel Del Aguila


Paul Desenne

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