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Musik in Progress acknowledges that music is part of evolving humanity and its culture.

As an Artistic Director, Jooeun continuously discovers and spurs performances of livig composers, AND attempts to bring renaissance to undiscovered/ underplayed yet substantial repertoires of composers in the past.  


Musik in Progress constantly seeks for collaborators; musicians, composers, conductors, artists, writers and administrators who share similar purposles and goals for future projects. 



Contact for recordings/program notes.






Composer Project series I

Premiere of Rabbel Rouser...for Jooeun  Pak by Don Freund

Performance in March, 2014

Auer Concert Hall, Bloomington, IN

Torrance, CA

Tacoma, WA



20th-21th Century, Around the Globe: featuring works by Ligeti, Vine, Bolcom, Takemitsu, Albeniz, Debussy, Isang Yun and Don Freund

Performance in April 2014

Recital Hall in Jacobs School of Music, IU.

Bloomington, IU

Torrance, CA



Eight preludes for piano by Frank Martin

Performance in April 2012

Auer Concert Hall, Bloomingtin, IN



Eco de Violin in Collaboration with Colin Sorgi

Discovering works of Latin American Comtemporary Composers

Performances in 2011

Auer Concert HAll, Bloomington, IN

Ruth Taylor Concert HAll, San Antonio, TX

Chicago Cultural Cneter, IL




"Interpreting early Atonal Music; Understanding in an Artistic Context" 

Performance in April 2011

Ford-Crawford Concert Hall, Bloomington, IN



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